Founded in 1988, Yongkang Changcheng Precision Forging Factory (CCPF) is located in the Capital of China hardware—Yongkang Economic Development Area. CCPF is a manufacturer of high quality aluminum alloy forging. With a full range of computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) platforms, we provide product design more efficiently and professionally. Company has product design, the ability to self-mold and new product development according to various countries' standard such as DIN(Germany), ANSI(USA), BSI(Britain), NF(French), GB(China). Besides, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) service is provided.
       Aluminum forging products made by CCPF embrace Storz Couplings, Safety Clamps,TW couplings, Barcelona Couplings, Flanges and so on. Our products are used in many application fields including petroleum, chemicals, fire protection, vehicles, vessel, aviation, power, textile, machinery industry, hardware tools, sports & leisure etc. With the experience accumulated during years of production combined with high technology, CCPF complies with the requirements of foreign markets. We have therefore already established partnerships with several foreign customers from Europe, America, and Middle East.
         Our way of doing business with our customers, partners and employees is based on respect and integrity. To sustain a long-term relationship, within a fast moving market, we listen to the unique situation of each of our customers. We have the flexibility, persistence and dynamism to find cost-effective, technical solutions and prompt delivery so as to make our products the most competitive in the international market.
       We sincerely welcome any customer for cooperation!
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Corporate culture
Culture is the soul, the atmosphere is the highest level of culture. Is the highest stage of business management. Corporate culture mission is to build healthy execution environment, to create a good cultural atmosphere.Enterprise mission: to do a century of popular brands Entrepreneurship: commitment to quality and innovative businesses Corporate values: hard work, honest man; no persuasion, only moved.In the company of "people first" principle, the establishment of a high-quality workforce, bringing together a huge marketing elite groups, have set up a mature international management and marketing system, set up a professional sound system and the smooth and efficient terminal management logistics systems, and to develop marketing staff, "hard work, honest man," the service concept, between the franchisee and the establishment of a true "win-win" situation.
  • 公司始终坚持“创新,品质,服务,节约,敬业,感恩”12字理念

  • 吸收新创意,严把质量关口,全方位的服务跟踪,坚持做出高品质产品

  • 本着“追求、员工、技术、精神、利益”10字宗旨,现拥有一批精干的管理人员